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What We Care for ?


— Education to girl child

Trikaya is committed to provide education support to underprivileged girl child, be it in the form of academic support, school kits, school uniform, health and hygiene awareness, awareness of their rights and role in the society, and most importantly the significance of their identity. We reach out to government run schools to understand the needs of girl child education, especially in the secondary and higher secondary school, as this is the stage when most girls drop out of school due to various reasons.

Education is an end and means for a better life and we are committed to help provide a better life to these children of lesser god. We urge everyone to please come support us in this in whatever way you can.


— Generating scopes of employment for underprivileged women

Trikaya believes in supporting women to live a life of dignity by generating employment scopes. Our support programs include non-technical skill development like organic and exotic soap and candle making, exotic junk jewellery making, etc. Trikaya then creates a market for them to sell either by themselves or through us. We support them with the training, and complete supply chain, so that they can create their beautiful pieces with their hard work and see them fetch money for them without any hassles.

Trikaya is committed to explore many more avenues for their employment in future, as and when opportunities emerge.

— Promoting environment awareness in society

We all know about the 17 sustainable development goals of UN, the target date of which is 2030. Many of the goals can be achieved if we have a healthy environment. As our contribution towards this, Trikaya Sanskritik foundation is committed to carry out tree plantation and cleanliness drives to create awareness in the society, especially in our youth and children. We definitely look forward to a clean and sustainable world for our generations to come and this is how we have decided to do our bit.


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